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BRISA is a solid organization with more than 30 years of existence, dedicated to supporting companies and governments in achieving their goals through the use of information technology and telecommunications.

BRISA America Corp is a global software company, providing software development, software integration and software testing services. Based in Central Florida, we have over 30 years of experience supporting companies through the use of information technology and telecommunications.

More recently, BRISA has developed a comprehensive set of automation solutions specifically designed for property management companies and hotels. Our solutions bring cost reduction for our clients, and cover everything from specialized smart locks to front-desk automation, enhanced client data management, and housekeeping technology innovation.

Our portfolio of satisfied clients includes large multinational corporations such as LG, Lexmark, Flextronics, Epson and Santander Bank, as well as several local hotels and property management companies, such as VHC, Columbia, Orlando Fun Rentals, SPOT-X, etc.

We look forward to assisting your business with a customized IT solution that fits your budget and specific needs.